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Robin Fenwick

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The Bard in The Bog

Sometimes it’s the little campaigns that tickle my toes – and I really enjoyed coming up with The Bard in The Bog! “Colchester’s Mercury Theatre have come up with a unique way of helping prepare audiences for their forthcoming production of Macbeth. For those who struggle with Shakespeare’s language the venue have launched The Bard in The Bog. Every toilet stall in the theatre has been taken over with displays suggesting Shakespearian ways of saying everyday phrases.” More on The Reviews...

Thank you for sharing your expertise, your knowledge and your advice, all of which delegates have told us were valuable aspects of the event for them.

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Rob Fenwick genuinely knows and understands online campaigning Iain Dale

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APPGs – the next Westminster scandal?

Be it the hacking scandal, the expenses debacle, or the furore surrounding botched police investigations, a relentless tide of trust-destroying stories is washing from Westminster to Wapping sweeping away reputations and careers, and leaving bloggers like me increasingly devoid of new synonyms for “almighty fuck-up”. As it stands in the three-way battle between politics, the tabloid press, and the police, MPs are standing tall once more. They should be careful not to stand so tall that they end up falling from a great height When asked what remains in our parliamentary system which would fail to withstand the full force of the public scrutiny felt in recent weeks, it’s hard to know where to begin – but the All Party Parliamentary Group has to be near the top of the list. All Party Parliamentary Groups, or APPGs, exist to allow parliamentarians of all parties and both Houses to come together to discuss and form consensus on big issues. As a vehicle for discussion and debate, they have been comprehensively invaded by vested interests seeking to buy access to our legislators. The barriers to setting up an APPG are relatively low, which is perhaps why a total of five hundred and thirty-four are currently to be found on the active register- including everything from the All Party Group on Mobile Homes, to the APPG on Brass Bands. APPGs are entitled to a Secretariat. Set aside any images you have of a sensibly dressed person of a certain age mildly taking dictation, the provision of an APPG Secretariat is one of the main routes used by public affairs agencies, charities, and... read more

Will no-one free us of these troublesome ghosts?

One of the truly great things about British politics is the depth and breadth of raw talent which can be found at every level of every party and no party. Unfortunately, tired conventions of political discourse are preventing some of that talent from shining through. One symptom of that fact is that political debate is, perversely, becoming ever less authentic at a time when distrust of political spin has never been greater. During my eight years of lowly support of the Liberal Democrats, I often saw the party try to use its own campaigning tactics on itself. Candidates for internal elections would get off to a “flying start” as bar charts intoned that it was a “two horse race.”  Fundraisers would assure campaigners that the candidate of the day had “asked me to call you.” A blue-ink, blue paper envelope would flop on to the mat and transpire not to be a hand-written missive lovingly etched on Basildon Bond, but a mass-produced, low cost, begging note. This tendency of all the parties to recycle their external tactics in their internal machinations is no more clearly evident than on the party ‘home’ sites (one of which I used to run) where ghost writing is rife. Take three examples: On the day that Conservative Home attacked the NHS bill, Baroness Warsi wrote a defence of the legislation on the same site Just a few days after being appointed Secretary of State for the Environment, Ed Davey found time to write a lengthy blog post on Lib Dem Voice There was a time when Ed Miliband himself would write up a review of PMQs forLabour List If any one of those pieces... read more

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