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Robin Fenwick

This blog is all a bit neglected these days

A few minutes with… the Essex Digital Awards

Earlier this year I did a quick interview for the Essex Digital Awards on, among other things, the Mercury Theatre’s social media strategy “We’ve put a lot of effort into growing our social media connections over the last year, including quite a significant spend on boosted and promoted posts in order to grow ahead of the organic ‘curve’.” You can find the rest of the article...

Thank you for sharing your expertise, your knowledge and your advice, all of which delegates have told us were valuable aspects of the event for them.

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Rob Fenwick genuinely knows and understands online campaigning Iain Dale

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The Bard in The Bog

Sometimes it’s the little campaigns that tickle my toes – and I really enjoyed coming up with The Bard in The Bog! “Colchester’s Mercury Theatre have come up with a unique way of helping prepare audiences for their forthcoming production of Macbeth. For those who struggle with Shakespeare’s language the venue have launched The Bard in The Bog. Every toilet stall in the theatre has been taken over with displays suggesting Shakespearian ways of saying everyday phrases.” More on The Reviews... read more

Ferry from Santa Maria di Castellebate / San Marco to Amalfi

On holiday in Castellebate, we chanced on a Ferry to Amalfi. It doesn’t appear on Tripadvisor (or on the web at all much!) so here is a bit more information for fellow holiday-goers to this lovely village in southern Italy. The Travelmar ferry runs once a day in Summer. In 2014 the ferry runs from 5 June to 31 August. We parked our car in the car park in the centre of San Marco and walked down the pedestrianised street (the only one!) directly to the port. It leaves Agropoli at 8.30am, and calls at the port of San Marco, a couple of miles down the coast from Santa Maria di Castellebate, where we boarded it. It arrives at and leaves San Marco at around 8.45am. From San Marco, the ferry travels directly to Amalfi. The journey time is 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the cost is €15 each way. A Travelmar representative arrives at San Marco at 8.15am to sell tickets at a desk by the harbour.  We paid €30 return each. After buying tickets, it is a short walk along the harbour to where the ferry docks. Once in Amalfi, we used a CityTours bus to travel to Positano, then another ferry to return from Positano to Amalfi.  The Travelmar staff at the Amalfi end speak excellent English. The ferry departs Amalfi at 5pm from the same pier that it arrived at, and again takes 1hr 15 minutes to return to San Marco at 6.15pm. The Travelmar website link is above, and their phone number is 089... read more

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