Twitter raves for The Hired Man

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As of 1st May I’m taking up the role of Director of Communications and Audience Services at one of our most vibrant regional theatres, the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. My time there could not have got off to a more exciting start. Last night was opening night for The Hired Man, and the Colchester debut… Read more »

So hello Vine, Twitter’s new video service. Say, haven’t we met before?

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Vine, the new six-second video service promoted by Twitter, is causing a buzz across the socialmediasphere. What has it got that its predecessors lacked? Bear with me here. There have been many attempts to update Jerome McCarthy’s ‘Four Ps’ of marketing – product, price, promotion and place.  The Seven C’s compass model is a particular favourite,… Read more »

Do or die: Should CIPR membership be compulsory?

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If membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations isn’t compulsory for PR professionals, does the Institute serve any purpose at all? Some think not. In this post I’m going to stand up for the CIPR. Not for the first time I had a lively conversation with Brent Martin, an acquaintance and London-based criminal lawyer,… Read more »