New video – Macbeth

For the Mercury’s recent production of the Scottish play, we hadn’t budgeted for a promotional video, but a stunning audio recording of our three witches came my way and it felt like we immediately had to get it out there.

Our production of Macbeth was staged in contemporary dress and set in an eastern European aesthetic, with echoes of the troubles in Ukraine. One of the reasons that I like this video is that it took me just three hours to create, including taking the photos in the Mercury’s Studio Theatre with the truly delightful cast. Quick, simple and we know from the feedback – effective!

Going into the theatrecraft a little more, director Daniel Buckroyd also wrote a great piece for Exeunt Magazine off the back of his work on Macbeth, on the importance of textual investigation.

Ferry from Santa Maria di Castellebate / San Marco to Amalfi

Ferry from Santa Maria di Castellebate / San Marco to Amalfi

On holiday in Castellebate, we chanced on a Ferry to Amalfi. It doesn’t appear on Tripadvisor (or on the web at all much!) so here is a bit more information for fellow holiday-goers to this lovely village in southern Italy.

The Travelmar ferry runs once a day in Summer. In 2014 the ferry runs from 5 June to 31 August.

We parked our car in the car park in the centre of San Marco and walked down the pedestrianised street (the only one!) directly to the port.

It leaves Agropoli at 8.30am, and calls at the port of San Marco, a couple of miles down the coast from Santa Maria di Castellebate, where we boarded it. It arrives at and leaves San Marco at around 8.45am.

From San Marco, the ferry travels directly to Amalfi. The journey time is 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the cost is €15 each way.

A Travelmar representative arrives at San Marco at 8.15am to sell tickets at a desk by the harbour.  We paid €30 return each. After buying tickets, it is a short walk along the harbour to where the ferry docks.

Once in Amalfi, we used a CityTours bus to travel to Positano, then another ferry to return from Positano to Amalfi.  The Travelmar staff at the Amalfi end speak excellent English.

The ferry departs Amalfi at 5pm from the same pier that it arrived at, and again takes 1hr 15 minutes to return to San Marco at 6.15pm.

The Travelmar website link is above, and their phone number is 089 872950.

New Video – You Can Always Hand Them Back

The Mercury Theatre Colchester’s latest in-house production is now in rehearsal. It’s the UK premiere of a comedy of songs and stories all about the heroes of any family – the grandparents!

As ever it was a joy to work with Swainson Productions on the video trailer for You Can Always Hand Them Back, and Kate and Paul did a cracking job allowing the cameras in on day 3 of rehearsals. There’s lovely music in the show from Peter Skellern.