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Twitter raves for The Hired Man

Posted by & filed under Communications, Online, theatre.

As of 1st May I’m taking up the role of Director of Communications and Audience Services at one of our most vibrant regional theatres, the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. My time there could not have got off to a more exciting start. Last night was opening night for The Hired Man, and the Colchester debut… Read more »

So hello Vine, Twitter’s new video service. Say, haven’t we met before?

Posted by & filed under Communications, Online.

Vine, the new six-second video service promoted by Twitter, is causing a buzz across the socialmediasphere. What has it got that its predecessors lacked? Bear with me here. There have been many attempts to update Jerome McCarthy’s ‘Four Ps’ of marketing – product, price, promotion and place.  The Seven C’s compass model is a particular favourite,… Read more »

Do or die: Should CIPR membership be compulsory?

Posted by & filed under Communications.

If membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations isn’t compulsory for PR professionals, does the Institute serve any purpose at all? Some think not. In this post I’m going to stand up for the CIPR. Not for the first time I had a lively conversation with Brent Martin, an acquaintance and London-based criminal lawyer,… Read more »

APPGs – the next Westminster scandal?

Posted by & filed under Politics.

Be it the hacking scandal, the expenses debacle, or the furore surrounding botched police investigations, a relentless tide of trust-destroying stories is washing from Westminster to Wapping sweeping away reputations and careers, and leaving bloggers like me increasingly devoid of new synonyms for “almighty fuck-up”. As it stands in the three-way battle between politics, the… Read more »

Indoor Picnics and Other Oddities – The BBC Proms

Posted by & filed under Music.

Friday night brings with it the First Night of the Proms, the opening fanfare of over one hundred concerts which will draw to a close with one last rousing chorus of Jerusalem on September 10th.  In between, performances of every shade of classical music will be on offer from a phalanx of the world’s finest… Read more »

Have the Liberal Democrats lost their senses?

Posted by & filed under Politics.

Have the Lib Dem leadership lost their senses?. They can’t see or hear supporters who have turned their backs on the party. They can’t smell the putrid stink of seemingly inevitable electoral punishment in 2015, and they’re certainly out of touch with public perception. I split my vote across a broadly progressive ticket in the… Read more »

Nightmare On Elgar Street

Posted by & filed under Music.

Were you to bury your entire face in the wrong end of a French horn – the bell, as it is called – you could scream yourself hoarse while remaining almost completely unheard by those immediately around you. The horn’s capacity to swallow sound is second only to its more conventional capacity to emit. Since… Read more »

The Incredible Lord Credo

Posted by & filed under Online, Politics.

Last weekend the Twitter user Lord Credo, the self-proclaimed Westminster insider, former Downing Street press officer, even right-hand man to David Cameron, deleted his Twitter account. So far, so dull. The creator of the account had been outed as an imposter by Suffolk blogger Peter Ede in this blog post. Credo also stood accused of theft,… Read more »