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New video – Macbeth

For the Mercury’s recent production of the Scottish play, we hadn’t budgeted for a promotional video, but a stunning audio recording of our three witches came my way and it felt like we immediately had to get it out there.

Our production of Macbeth was staged in contemporary dress and set in an eastern European aesthetic, with echoes of the troubles in Ukraine. One of the reasons that I like this video is that it took me just three hours to create, including taking the photos in the Mercury’s Studio Theatre with the truly delightful cast. Quick, simple and we know from the feedback – effective!

Going into the theatrecraft a little more, director Daniel Buckroyd also wrote a great piece for Exeunt Magazine off the back of his work on Macbeth, on the importance of textual investigation.

The Bard in The Bog

The Bard in The Bog

Sometimes it’s the little campaigns that tickle my toes – and I really enjoyed coming up with The Bard in The Bog!

“Colchester’s Mercury Theatre have come up with a unique way of helping prepare audiences for their forthcoming production of Macbeth.

For those who struggle with Shakespeare’s language the venue have launched The Bard in The Bog. Every toilet stall in the theatre has been taken over with displays suggesting Shakespearian ways of saying everyday phrases.”

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