Telling a story from the other side of the world with Storify

We hold a huge, global, annual competition each year at CIMA called the Global Business Challenge. There are several rounds of the competition, culminating in country finals, and then the global final. A lot of social content is created in a short period of time.

This year’s global final is in Chengdu, China. Our team on the ground have been providing a constant stream of social media updates, which my team in London have been gathering, editing, and adding to over the weekend in a Cover it Live embedded on our website and on Facebook.

We were in danger of swamping new readers with a torrent of updates, and that’s where Storify is brilliant. In less than an hour I was able to drag and drop video, tweets, and Facebook updates in to an easy to read edited highlights telling the story of the event. I *heart* Storify.


Robin Fenwick

Communications Director and public affairs professional, digital specialist, ex political activist, early music enthusiast.
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